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2014 DEERE 250D
Hamilton Equipment Company, Inc.
Year 2014
Manufacturer DEERE
Model 250D
Condition New
Capacity 5,000 gal
Drive 6 WD
New 5,000 Gallon Water System on New John Deere 250D Series II Articulated Chassis New 5,000 Gallon Water Tank for Installing on John Deere 250D Series II Articulated Truck Chassis HEC Model HH5KS-AT Full 1/4” A36 Steel Plate through entire tank(including baffles and fenders) Full 3/8" Bottom Belly Plate Welded 100% Inside and Out Full Longitudinal & Transverse Baffled(honeycomb design) - fitted and welded continuously Full Length longitudinal frame runners sloped to OEM frame w/ 3/8" skirt-board rubber riveted to bottom preventing metal to metal Rear Fill Pipe with Anti-siphon air gap Top Man Hole for Filling Integrated Steel Fenders fitted for chassis Rear Sump with Tank Access from bottom Compartment Air Eliminator Vent System to prevent air locking Epoxy Coated Inside w/ DuPont Corlar 2 part Epoxy 5 Air Operated Spray Heads (2 Front Tank Corners, 3 Rear) Berkeley 4x3 Hydraulic Driven centrifugal pump FirePro Remote Control Water Cannon w/ Nozzle and Joystick control In-cab operator control panel w/ individual operated control switches Hannay Rear Hose Reel w/ 50’ of 1 1/2” Hose Tank Painted John Deere Yellow Installed and Tested on Customer Supplied Chassis @ HEC Fabrication Shop (Knoxville, TN) Kits available. We can install on your chassis also. Designed, Fabricated and Assembled 100% in house by Hamilton Equipment Company Customization available Any size, any brand
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